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COVID-19 Could Increase Dementia, Other Brain Disorders for Decades to Come

COVID-19 Could Increase Dementia, Other Brain Disorders for Decades to Come

Loss of smell, emotional detachment and other cognitive disorders among COVID-19 survivors has in recent weeks become an urgent medical issue. Some patients experience psychotic breaks. Others report strange neurological symptoms—tremors, extreme fatigue, phantom smells, dizziness and bouts of profound confusion, a condition known as “brain fog.” In one early study of more than 200 … Continued

Patients with dementia are more at risk of COVID-19 infection, Black Americans disproportionally so, study finds

Experts argue more must be done to protect society’s vulnerable populations after a study revealed that individuals with dementia – in particular Black Americans – are at an increased risk of getting COVID-19. Researchers from Case Western University studied electronic health record data from 61.9 million American adults and found the risk for contracting COVID-19 is … Continued

People With Dementia Are Twice As Likely To Get Covid-19 And Four Times More Likely To Die From It

Patients with dementia are at higher risk for Covid-19 and are more likely to have worse outcomes, according to a new study published today. The study, led by Case Western Reserve University researchers, reviewed electronic health records of 61.9 million adults in the United States and found that the risk for contracting Covid-19 was twice as … Continued

Checking In With Caregivers Can Make The Difference Between Pandemic Distancing And Isolation

Social distancing has been in a common phrase since the beginning of the pandemic. Doing so can protect people and others around them from the spread of COVID-19. According to experts, however, distancing without efforts to maintain connections can lead to social isolation, especially for people already vulnerable to it, including those with memory loss … Continued

How COVID-19 Attacks The Brain And May Cause Lasting Damage

“We know that those are important in Alzheimer’s disease and we’re seeing them play a key role here in COVID-19,” says Heather Snyder, vice president of medical and scientific operations at the Alzheimer’s Association. “And what that may mean in later life, we need to be asking that question now.” So the association and researchers … Continued

Scientists In Nearly 40 Nations Join Study On Covid Brain Abnormalities

The study, which will follow survivors over age 50 or in some places over age 60, will be funded initially by the Alzheimer’s Association.

They have masks and gloves, there’s more testing capacity: What nursing homes really need is more help, advocates say

Beth Kallmyer, vice president of Care and Support for the Alzheimer′s Association, a national advocacy group, said she’s frustrated that 10 months into the pandemic, she′s having some of the same conversations she had at the start. “We know a whole lot more now than we did in March, but we′re still talking about” lack … Continued

Video: COVID-19’s impact on dementia patients

Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are battling COVID-19 threats and the dangers of isolation.

How clinical trials to collect data on Alzheimer’s and the brain continue during COVID-19

While many clinical trials are being impacted by COVID-19 due to self-isolation, social distancing, travel limitations and site closures, fewer interruptions are being felt in the world of the virtual clinical trials and observational studies, many of which exist in the form of an online survey that takes 15 minutes or less to complete. We … Continued

COVID-19: Tips for Dementia Caregivers

Most likely, dementia does not increase risk for COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the new coronavirus, just like dementia does not increase risk for flu. However, dementia-related behaviors, increased age and common health conditions that often accompany dementia may increase risk.